Ground Floor Opportunity with new CPT Codes - Just Got Better





Ground Floor Opportunity with new CPT Codes - Just Got Better


Miami, FL


Consulting, Healthcare IT, Healthcare Software, Services

Job Description:

New CPT billing code approved for reimbursement by medicare

This code allows you and doctors to capitalize. Finally a way for the practices you serve to make great money and have all the work done for them.

Leverage the relationships you have to bring value based medicine to your cutomers.

Company does all the work for the physician (non disruptive to practice). 

Now we have combined two services and the opportunity just got better, effective Dec. 15, 2015.

Great opportunity for a seasoned rep or rep group. If you are reading this, we should talk. Send through an email and let's see if this is a fit for us both.

Job Requirements:

Experienced, independent representative or distributors with strong relationships in the areas of Internal Medicine, Primary Care and most other specialties.

Self starters who do not need to be micro managed or have their hands held beyond the training we give.

One large account could enable you to retire very early and very comfortably. Several medium sized companies of 5000 medicare patients and you could be doing very well.

Available in all areas of the US. 

If this is you, let's talk. Don't just read this, take action. Reach out and let's talk.
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