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VERSAJET is an advanced hydro-surgery powered surgical instrument for the debridement of traumatic/acute/chronic wounds and burns.  
  • The system enables surgeons to simultaneously hold, cut and remove damaged tissue and contaminants precisely – without the collateral damage associated with current surgical modalities such as the scalpel and pulse lavage.
  • Debridement is achieved in a single step, with a single instrument, and single-handedly, while sparing healthy tissue.
  • This device is utilized in over 1,000 acute care hospitals and used on over 40,000 patients per year.
How does VERSAJET works?
  • VERSAJET is a hydro-surgical technology used for tangential excision and debridement.
  • Sterile saline is delivered to the console where it’s pressurized. The pressurized saline shoots through the Kevlar pressure hose and delivered to the tip of the wand. Saline travels across this window at speeds as high as 1000 mph depending on your setting – 1 being the least aggressive, 10 being the highest.
  • At such high speeds, a localized vacuum is created where it not only excises tissue; it evacuates tissue in one simultaneous step. The necrotic tissue is liquidized and evacuated through the waste line and into the waste canister.
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